What Happens When You Really Go The Extra Mile?

An article by Ian Graham of Swayed Greyhound about companies and individuals going the extra mile

You may remember the ‘The Beast from the East’ from just a couple of weeks ago. Well we were due to get married on the Friday right in the middle of it. It really was one of those ‘wedding nightmares’ as the fear of having to cancel everything was becoming a distinct possibility.
We weren’t the only ones getting married that day in our area but all went ahead and it has inspired this blog to recognise some of the people who went the extra mile. The first mention must go to Northumberland County Council for clearing roads & paths enabling people to get to our special day. Also a very brave and committed team of registrars who were willing to travel despite the conditions.

When the dreadful weather struck just a couple of days before our big day it really affected us all. I had been really busy with work having just got back in the game after hip surgery and this was supposed to be something nice to look forward to. My wife to be had done some amazing work in organising everything but with red weather warnings and ever increasing amounts of snow doubt started to creep in and we came seriously close to postponing a day we had been looking forward to for a very long time.
At this point we received a level customer service that we will remember for the rest our lives from The Beaumont Hotel http://www.thebeaumonthexham.co.uk/

The hotel team were the hosts of our reception and despite problems coming from all directions in the build up they said the right things, they did the right things and kept every promise. Many of the staff braved the conditions to ensure our day went ahead. It was just what we needed at a time of great stress and the day wouldn’t have happened without them. They made us feel important, special and respected giving us that warm and fuzzy feeling. Their commitment when the Beast form the East tried to ruin things ensured the day was a huge success, everyone had a great time and the feedback was fantastic and complimentary to the venue.

It was the quintessential demonstration of the British spirit pulling together and these consummate professionals are keeping the hospitality industry alive and setting an amazing example to others. They delivered fantastic service and a great customer experience at every opportunity. Our guests and I will remember this for a very long time and The Beaumont has enjoyed more business as a result. Many of us have already returned to enjoy the excellent food and hospitality.

They weren’t the only ones to help make our day successful. Marks & Spencers went above and beyond in their customer service. We had ordered our cake from them and after a call to enquire if they were encountering any delivery problems we were promised a phone call on the day it was due in to give us a convenient collection time. They called to say to help us out they would deliver the cake to the venue. We were delighted as we had family arriving and a venue to decorate. We then received an email to say the cake had arrived in store but a call came in just after lunch to say the cake was en-route and there was a bit of a story to it if we wanted to hear it?  “Of course” we said with trepidation…..

The delivery lorry (with cake on board) had broken down about three miles away and because of the weather no repair or recovery vehicles were available to get to it to fix it. A member of staff was dispatched in their car to meet the lorry, find the cake and return to the store. The manager then delivered it to our venue. Talk about going the extra mile!

Waitrose had heard that the local florist who had taken our buttonhole order was unable to get to their shop. Without hesitation they stepped in, made up the buttonholes and also delivered a bottle of Champagne as a gift!

We were humbled by the effort these businesses made for us to make our day special with no agenda or expectation and we will be singing their praises for a very long time.

We are often quick to criticise poor service and we will share that experience with everyone we talk to. We don’t do it as much when we experience great service but those of us that do will shout it from the rooftops when something goes well or somebody does something good for us.
When people go the extra mile it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. I know because we felt it. We are eternally grateful to the people who demonstrated that can do/will do attitude that made our day.
If you make the effort to create a great customer experience, find ways to make a difference for your customers and go the extra mile not only can you do your business the world of good you can make another human being very happy (and also relieved in our case!)
So ask yourself:

  • What can I do today that shows my customers I’m going the extra mile?
  • How can I make my customers shout about me from the rooftops?
  • How can improve another human’s life right now?

If you don’t know how, get in touch with us because we can help