There’s nothing like the shade of a tree

An article by Ian Graham of Swayed Greyhound about being a more positive colleague supervisor manager or leader

In my previous contact I mentioned my grandmother, Betty Gibson, had sadly passed away in November at almost 101. Although sad to mark the passing of someone who had been a constant in my life it was amazing how many people (including our local Rector) commented on what a ‘character’ she was. She was indeed a ‘character’ and she wasn’t always easy but she did play the part very well. I’m sure we all know and love people like this.

The one thing I’ll remember most about her was her ability to say insightful, memorable things at just the right time. When I spoke of this at her funeral it was surprising to see how many people recognised this & had their own memories of her insight. One occasion as a boy I remember sitting under a leafy canopy with my grandmother in her garden on a particularly hot day and she turned and said, “There’s nothing like the shade of a tree”. This phrase has always stuck with me  and I use it to this day with my friends and family when seeking respite from the heat on sunny days.

I’ve had a bit of time over Christmas convalescing from minor surgery to think about this and how the above could be applied to working life.

Many of us will have memories of colleagues, managers and leaders we have worked with who have had a positive or negative effect on us. We’ve all worked with people who’ve had a negative impact which have given us an education in how not to behave. There are also those who have inspired us to be a better version of ourselves and helped us get to where we are today.

Can you name one?

It seems poignant at the start of a New Year to examine this and ask ourselves:

Which one do you want to be?

The positive colleague, manager or leader takes time choosing their words carefully, being aware of the people around them. They work smartly to deliver insightful and memorable messages. These positive role models encourage us to emulate their professionalism.

I will admit that I’ve been on both sides of this fence, especially as a younger man, and I know from experience which behaviour is more effective.

So at the start of this New Year it’s obvious which you’d rather be. The question is – How do you plan to be that inspirational and positive manager, leader or colleague? What can you say or do that will help and inspire others to success in 2018?

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Have a fantastic start to 2018

Swayed Greyhound