We can help you stand out from a sea of competitors

Every business would like to:

  • Retain the customers they already have
  • Attract new customers
  • Stand out from their competitors
  • Provide a service they’re proud of
  • Improve their profits

Training your employees to deliver a consistently great customer experience is a vital ingredient to achieving success and is essential for creating brand loyalty. We realise that everyone has unique training and development requirements so we offer a choice of in-house and bespoke training courses to suit your personal and business needs. We can also deliver, or train you to deliver, your existing training material effectively and get the most of that existing investment

A small investment now could add huge value to your brand and ultimately your profits by training your employees to provide your customers with an enjoyable experience every time they have an interaction with your company

Swayed Greyhound helps organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences both in sales and service-delivery situations. We achieve this by providing thought-provoking and enjoyable training and coaching. Our delegates go back to work with a much more positive, productive and enjoyable approach to dealing with customers. The workshops motivate and build confidence in using effective tools and techniques that make every customer engagement a positive one.

We’ll help you:

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Retain your customers by improving their satisfaction
  • Attract new customers and improve your sales
  • Improve all aspects of communication with your customers
  • Deliver a consistent service
  • Create a positive working atmosphere that promotes teamwork and mutual support
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase engagement
  • Provide a service you’re proud of

Workshops can be delivered in half or full days or two hour, high energy, high impact sessions. Training can take place locally, nationally or internationally.

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